Larry Yoder discusses Maple Sugaring in Indiana and SWOT Analysis for Farmers in videos on the Indiana Farm Bureau's consumer page, Food for Thought.


Our farm is located east of Huntertown in northern Allen County, Indiana. It lies on the margin of the Wabash moraine in the land of the Cedar Creek. Nearby is the Cedar Creek tunnel valley and the Eel River sluiceway, areas of significant interest to glacial geologists.



For five generations our family has been involved in general farming at this location.

Ours is a family farm committed to farming on a human scale in ways that foster a passion for earthcare.

As we enter the 21st Century, our focus is to make natural products available for residents in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area in northeast Indiana.


We aren't prepared to sell to everyone all over the country. There are plenty of web commerce sites for that.

Instead, we want to cultivate the relationship between you as a local consumer and us a nearby producer in order to provide you wth healthful food of superior quality.


Just as you develop a special relationship with your physician, clergyperson, accountant or financial planner, so too, should you develop a connection with the person who grows your food.

Until recently, we treated food as if it was nearly worthless. "Cheapest is best."

We're learning, sometimes painfully, that the truth is otherwise.

Our family comes from a long tradition of commitment of care for the land, and we continue to embrace that value.

While the food and crops we grow are not certified organic, we hold the use of herbicide to a minimum, and we use no insecticides.



You eat from the same patch that our grandchildren do!



Many residents in the Fort Wayne area visit the Yoder Farm for maple sugaring field trips, conservation tours or geological studies.

The farm serves as a resource for students in Goshen College's Agroecology Program and graduate program in environmental education as well as the Environmental Studies program at the University of St. Francis and the Center for Economic Education at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne.


The sugar bush is an integral part of the Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center's educational program that includes field experience for graduate students in environmental education.

Likewise, our friends in the ACRES Land Trust annually hold a pancake and sausage brunch during sugaring season.



Shirley Meighen and Larry Yoder, brother and sister, currently manage the farm.

Shirley specializes in grounds care, maintains the records and handles much of the retail sales.

Larry is trained as a botanist. (PhD Indiana University 1972) Early in his career he taught at Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne and then at The Ohio State University Marion where he established a prairie restoration on that campus.

In 1981 he joined the faculty at Goshen College where he first served as as executive director of Goshen College's Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center and later as assistant to the executive director of the Center until his retirement and appointment as associate professor emeritus in 2007.

On the farm Larry focuses on agronomy and soils, maple syrup, and vegetable production, and he continues to teach geomorphology and soils in Goshen College's agroecology program. Larry also hosts field trips for Goshen's agroecologists at The Yoder Farm with a special focus on entrepreneurship and the role of specialty crops such as maple syrup and asparagus.

Tom and Erika Meyer and their family live on the property. Tom enjoys hay production and sales. Erika and Tom also assist with syrup production and retail sales.

In addition, Tom teaches at the Canterbury School in Fort Wayne and Erika works at a branch of the Allen County Public Library.

Spouses and other members of the extended family lend a hand from time to time and their mechanical and technical expertise is very helpful.

Numerous volunteers help with the maple sugaring program in connection with Merry Lea.

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Since we do not maintain a farm stand, we prefer pick-up and deliveries by appointment. Obviously, with this arrangement, our primary clients are residents of the Fort Wayne metro area who desire locally produced maple syrup, vegetables and hay.

The best way is for you to complete an order form and send it by mail or send us an e mail with your ordering information. Be sure to provide us with a phone number, e-mail or postal address where you can be reached.

We'll let you know when your order is ready, and at that time we can make mutually convenient arrangements for pickup or delivery.