To place your order, you may :

complete this form and mail it to The Yoder Farm, 1818 Wendmere Ln, Fort Wayne, IN 46825
or call us at (260) 484 7109.

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2018 Price List


Quantity Units Description Price Each Total
16 oz (473 ml)
Maple syrup in pint glass mason jar $7.50 $_______________
32 oz (946 ml)
Maple syrup in quart glass mason jar $14.00 $_______________
8 oz (237 ml)
Maple syrup in classic oval glass bottle $5.00 $_______________
      TOTAL $_______________

Checks should be made payable to The Yoder Farm. Payment is expected upon delivery of your order.

Since we do not maintain a farm stand or regular business hours at the farm, we prefer to arrange pick-up or delivery by appointment. Obviously, with this arrangement, our primary clients are residents of the Fort Wayne metro area who desire locally produced maple syrup, vegetables and hay.

The best way is for you to complete an order form and send it by mail or send an order by e mail. Be sure to provide us with a phone number, e-mail or postal address where you can be reached.

We'll confirm your order and then let you know when your order is ready. At that time we can make mutually convenient arrangements for pickup or delivery.