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Report on Maple Sap Flow for 2019

at Yoder's Sugar Bush in northern Indiana

Sap runs are intimately connected to the weather. Sugaring requires that we lay aside all other personal intent and, for a season, walk in step with the natural world.


Sugaring Season, 2019


In recent years we have tapped in mid February. Polar air patterns have delayed the beginning of sugaring with no trees tapped or sap collected in February.


We can expect the majority of our sap runs to come during the last three weeks of March.





Data for current and past temperatures at the Yoder Farm is available from the Indiana Geological Survey's station on the farm at ""


pouring sap Sugaring is a great time for friends and neighbors to visit and lend a hand


Current Weather Forecast for the Sugar Bush

Try your hand at predicting the sap flow |

Weather Conditions We Like to See

Sap flow is sensitively linked to weather conditions. Good flow comes with below freezing temperatures at night followed by bright sunshine and daytime temperatures well above freezing.Runs can occur with a falling barometer such as may occur before a wet March snowstorm. Flow does not occur if temperatures remain below freezing.

Flow ceases once overnight temperatures consistently remain above freezing.

In the example shown at the right, temperatures were at freezing Saturday evening, (left arrow) but there was a dramatic rise to nearly 60 degrees about 2:30 am Sunday morning. (arrow at right) This produced a voluminous sap flow that carried on into Monday and Tuesday even after the temperature decreased.

 photo -- recording thermometer at the sugarbush for 2/25/01