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Weather and Sap Flow


What you need to know:

Sap flow is sensitively linked to weather conditions. Good flow comes with below freezing temperatures at night followed by bright sunshine and daytime temperatures well above freezing.

Runs can occur with a falling barometer such as may occur before a wet March snowstorm. Flow does not occur if temperatures remain below freezing.

Flow ceases once overnight temperatures consistently remain above freezing.

What do you think the weather will be like tomorrow?

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Check the current satellite photo from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Now check the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's weather map.

Based on the information you collected, what is your forecast for tomorrow's weather?

Remember, high pressure usually brings clear, sunny weather, low pressure brings clouds and precipitation. Winds flow clockwise around high pressure and counterclockwise around lows.

You can check your predictions about weather and by viewing the Current Weather Outlook for the Sugarbush

How will the weather you predicted affect the sap flow?

Try your hand at predicting the sap flow based on weather conditions.

Record your prediction for the weather and flow and then log in tomorrow and see how your prediction compares with the reported sap flow from the sugarbush.

Compare your predictions with those of Sugarbush Larry